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UK tollfree is a customer service program running exclusively only for people living in the United Kingdom (UK). Here you can get all possible solution for your computer, printer, antivirus, and windows. The solution for all of these computer related products is available just at a phone call away.

About UK Tollfree

At UK tollfree you will get the solution for all of your problem free. All of your questions will be answered without any charge. It is a 3rd party service providing company so they will only charge you if you need some extra service from them or if your computer needs some extra software or driver then in that case also they will charge some minimum amount. Before charging you any amount they will ask for your permission. And if they provide you with any kind of services then in future also you can contact them for any problem in your device on which they have worked.

We are NOT AUTHORISED and we do not say that we are directly or indirectly the brand which we are mentioning. We are just local repairmen who are providing repair for your computer and computer-related accessories.

For more details, you can dial 0800-404-9480 or you can fill up the contact form with your address and phone number so that we can dial you back and can provide you help.


Disclaimer: UK Toll-Free is a Third Party Technical Service provider company giving expert solutions for the problems in your printer, laptop, browser, email and antivirus software, etc. By our team of software and hardware engineers, we are able to provide good quality of support and service. However, all the brand names, logos, company names, trademarks belong to their respective owners and they are being displayed on UK Toll-Free only for representational purposes. We hold no affiliation with these brands in any manner and we NOT AUTHORISED from any of them. We are like your next door repairmen but we have more experience.

Get in Touch with us

You can contact us either by just dialing our toll-free contact number (0800-404-9480) or you can write us also by emailing us your problem.

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