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Internet broswer are used for surfing internet withour any problem. Most of the Interenet browsers are now availble for usage online. Some most famous browser are :- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera Mini etc. Interent Explorer got installed by installation of new Windows to system.

There is a joke about Interent Explorer which is as follows:-
How to download things using Internet Explorer?
1. First open Internet Explorer
2. Open "".
3. Download Firefox Mozilla.
4. Now close Interent explorer and download every other thing by using Mozilla.

The meaning of this joke is that Internet Explorer is so slow that it is only needed to install other browser for downloading.

I am not here to tell you about more stories about other web surfing software. I am here to represent Firefox Mozilla Customer service. I am part of Firefox mozilla care team and we provide solution for Firefox browser. This browser is used around 30 % in the world and ranked second after chrome. Firefox comes with lots of extension and other custimizable settings. And to provide support for those things we are here.

Where we can help you?

We can help you when you are facing problems like:-

1. Slows working of Firefox Mozilla.
2. Updating to latest version of this software.
3. Installaton of new extensions.
4. Changing setting of your browser according to your need.
5. Learning how to use firefox properly.
6. Deleting browsing and download history.
7. Finding last downloaded files on computer.

You can also dial uk tollfree if you have some query or doubt. You can also dial if any website of yours is not operning properly. Our team will resolve your problem as soon as possible. You can dial on our tollfree number which is 0800 029-1869. Our number is tollfree so that our customer's money will not deduct for reaching us.

Mozilla thunderbird support

Firefoz mozilla thunderbird is a very delicately designed software for sole purpose of using internet for browsing and downloading things from internet. It is developed by well knowledged software engeneers. Updates for new versions are also launched time to time by new latest updates. You are also provided lots of appearence options for your Mozilla. By changing appearence you can make it look according to your style or comfort. And we at customer car can guide you to do those things if you want to change.

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You can contact us either by just dialing our toll-free contact number (0800-404-9480) or you can write us also by emailing us your problem.

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